Three Events You May Not Realize Are Covered By Full Coverage Car Insurance

Most people opt for full coverage car insurance because they want to ensure that their car is fully covered if they get into an accident that they are responsible for or that their car is covered in case the vehicle is stolen. However, while these are common events that are covered by comprehensive auto insurance, or full coverage car insurance, full coverage auto insurance covers a lot more than you may realize. Here are three events that you may not realize are covered by full coverage car insurance.

A Home Fire

A common misconception that people have is that if their home catches on fire, and it damages or destroys their car, their home insurance will compensate them for the damage. This is not true. While home insurance will compensate you for many of your belongings that are stored in your home, your cars are excluded from your home insurance policy. As such, the only way to protect your vehicle against a house fire is to have full coverage car insurance. 

A Flood

If flooding happens in your area due to heavy rains or a hurricane, it can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. Flooding can cause both interior and exterior damage to your car, and your car will be susceptible to rust and mold after it has flooded. Most vehicles are salvaged if they get completely flooded. While you cannot prevent a flood from happening, you can ensure your car is protected if it is damaged or destroyed by a flood by carrying full coverage auto insurance. 


There are a number of ways your vehicle can be vandalized. It can be spray painted, keyed, or the tires may be slashed. Regardless of what someone does to your vehicle, and if you know who did it or not, full coverage car insurance helps you to get your car back to its pre-vandalism condition. 

Full coverage car insurance truly helps to cover your vehicle from a wide range of events, even ones that you may not think about, such as a home fire, a flood, or vandalism. If you have a vehicle that you have a loan for, your lender likely requires you to carry full auto insurance. However, even if you do not have a loan, it makes a lot of sense to fully protect your vehicle. Reach out to your preferred auto insurance agent to learn more about obtaining full coverage car insurance. 

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